About US

Khuno - Find the Wild

Discover the spirit of adventure with Khuno, your gateway to untamed winter experiences.

Headquartered in Duarte, CA United States, Khuno is a premier snow goggle manufacturer on a mission to help you Find the Wild in every snow-covered landscape.

Crafting Visionaries Since 2020

Founded in 2020, Khuno has quickly become a leading snow goggle manufacturer.

Our passionate team, based in Duarte, CA, collaborates with our state-of-the-art factory in China to craft goggles that redefine the boundaries of vision and style.

Where Innovation Meets Nature

Khuno goggles are a testament to where innovation meets nature.

We push the boundaries of design and technology to create goggles that not only enhance your vision but also connect you with the raw beauty of winter.

Find the wild in every turn, jump, and descent.

Rooted in Duarte, Embraced Worldwide

Khuno is more than a brand, it's a global movement. Born in Duarte, CA, our commitment to local excellence resonates worldwide.

Our goggles are crafted to meet the highest standards, ensuring that every adventurer, from the local slopes to the world's highest peaks, can Find the Wild with Khuno.

Why Trust Us?

We are a full-scale OEM development consortium, primarily encompassing a plethora of optics related products.

Our vision has always been to provide the most exclusive and cutting-edge eyewear to the market. 

With 20+ combined years in optic and photonic engineering, as well as countless combined  years of back-end manufacturing for a multitude of developers - there is a reason we have become a staple in such a short time-span.

Our goal has always been to continue to push the envelope of development, while providing exclusive eyewear to create lasting impressions.

Where did the name come from?

Khuno (n) :  Derived on the Incan folklore depicting the journey of the "God of High-Altitude Weather"

Who are We?

Tommy Karagias - was born and raised in Southern California - with a passion for the outdoors starting at a young age. Although he was never really good at any sport in particular, he tried to at least have fun, which made it even funner for everyone else to see. At 19, he found himself working for a start-up goggle company creating prototypes, and 3D CAD illustrations. After several successful releases, and a hand full of interested clients, he decided to pursue his calling in finding what the wild had in store for him. 

Emma Larisco - is born and raised in Southern California. She graduated from FIDM in 2014, and has since been involved in a variety of activities ranging from designing exceptional

Dino Li -  was born and raised in Hong Kong, but has been constantly on the road putting together the puzzle pieces shortly after graduating high school. Dino was the supply chain consultant for a variety of factories throughout Hong Kong. With 15+ years in Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing, he has been apart of 100's of globally renown products. The strict attention to detail to the aesthetics, features, or even concepts we bring into reality, are what Dino oversees on a day to day basis. So, if you see any issues, please send him a mean message to dino@khunosports.com

Tao Liu - is a back-end developer who has worked with countless companies in developing SEO, traffic development, automated shipping software, and other useful tools that assist with fulfilling promptly. He a family oriented individual, who enjoys spending time with his son to enjoy sports the way he wish he could. Always in a positive mindstate, with the constant desire to find a solution to any problem, Tao is by far the most jack of all trades amongst the group.